Getting people to notice your call to action in E-Commerce

Getting someone to do something on your website is probably the hardest thing there is. You can’t control what they do, even though you want everyone to click on that nice “Buy” button. Probably only 0,5% – 1% of your visitors will do so…
So are there tricks to get your conversion up and get that call-to-action button clicked more? Off course there are! Almost all of them try to trick the subconscious part of the brain to notice things more naturally, instead of the more ‘in your face’ flashing banner techniques some sites use (please don’t).

But what is this call-to-action button? On your website there are a multitude of buttons and links that navigate visitors through the website. Some of these are more important than others depending on your business. You want these to be used more and to stand out from the rest. These are the call-to-action buttons.

What are you looking at?

Where the eyes of visitors move on your website is something that can’t be ignored, there are even ways to control that movement. You want to attract visitors to a certain spot on the site and make them do the interaction you want.

The captivating gaze

We have the tendency to follow the gaze of others, even if that person is on a picture.
What should you put at the end of that gaze? Your call-to-action button off course, this gets people to notice unconsciously the thing you want them to do most. For most conversion it appears that faces of babies and women will get you the best result. But off course keep in mind your target audience and subject of the site! Using babies to do marketing for your site is probably not the best way to go in some cases.
Subscribing to a newsletter or going to a campaign would be a good way to make use of this technique. A Groupon like site named shedeals makes use of this technique by making a woman with shopping bags look at the email field for subscribing to a newsletter. Simple but effective!
Call to action - shedeals

Keep it simple

Less is more! People go to your website with a purpose and will ignore all external factors until that goal is achieved. So adding flashy banners next to text / information will only annoy people because it is keeping them from their goal. They will simply ignore it and continue on to the information they need.
Removing clutter will make your target stand out more, making it easier for people to achieve their goal. And after that be subtlety influenced instead of the ‘in your face’ advertisements. A good example was one of the DropBox landing pages, this page changes a few times in a year based on the goals of the company. At one point the biggest goal was to get more and more people to register on that site (that goal is still there), and most people will come to that site with that goal.
So then it is the responsibility of the site owner to make that action as easy and fast as possible, making sure the visitor doesn’t have that much time to get frustrated or change his/her mind.

What does this page have? Not much really, but something really stands out in that page. And that is the “Sign-up” button. Easy to find and its the first thing you notice when you got to that page.

But since it doesn’t contain much info, this could hurt SEO. A possible solution could be a one time landing page handled by cookies / “HTML5 local storage” and a separate homepage with more information.

Use the color scheme

Using color is a simple way to make something stand out from the rest. It’s a subtle way to get the attention of the visitor to a certain spot on the page.

An example is the Libelle Lekker page. The goal of that page is also quite simple: for users to download the mobile application.

The technique used here is to use a completely different color than the rest of the website.  It is a subtle and simple thing that really works. 
The page is also SEO friendly since it still contains a lot of information without standing out. So people looking for that information will still find it fairly quickly and the search engines will also get what they need.