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AngularJS and e-commerce

Some time ago I started on a new project with a lot of new challenges. As an e-commerce shop you need to keep up with the pace of technology, and not only on security. As the web evolves, so do the expectations of customers.Long page loads should be a thing of the past and in some cases

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Sign2Pay: m-commerce purchases with your signature

Today an interesting company named Sign2Pay came to give us an introduction into bio-metric validation, and to be more specific: it’s application in m-commerce (mobile commerce). This mostly applies to mobile commerce since you need a touch screen for this kind of validation, typing in your signature or using a mouse to do

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Sorting product Google CSE results with a custom attribute

Google offers a custom search engine service for business and private users to easily integrate the Google search engine into their own websites. You can implement this in multiple ways going from only adding a search box in your website to implementing your own and sending JSON/Atom requests, styling the

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Loss-Aversion in E-Commerce

The fear of “Missing out” on something is part of our human nature. A lot of studies even say that loss is twice as powerful as gain. So how can we make use of this and increase the amount of people doing the thing we want them to do? This article will

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